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2023 Junior roster

High School
Class Year
#0 Teyton Braswell Loganville S R MIF, P 2027
#2 Emile Butler South Gwinnett R R 2B, P 2026
#3 Aiden Wakefield Collins Hill R R SS, 3B, OF 2026
#4 Hunter Jackson GAC R R IF, P 2026
#7 Gavin Anderson Shiloh R R C, 3B 2026
#8 Nicholas Johnson Shiloh R R SS, CF, P 2026
#9 Gabriel Edwards Lakeside R R 1B, C 2026
#12 Joseph Richberg Dew Charter R R OF, 1B, P 2026
#13 Jacob Williams Tri-Cities R R CF, 2B, P 2026
#16 Nicholas Myers McDonough R R P, OF 2027
#23 Dejorryn Pettis Dutchtown R R 2B, 3B, P 2026
#26 Nikolas Mack Chamblee S R OF 2026
#28 Derrick O’neal Patterson South Gwinnett R R OF, C 2026
#33 Tripp Braswell Loganville R R SS, 3B, P 2026
#34 Alex Stallworth Sandy Creek R R 1B, P 2026
#42 Nicholos Williams Decatur R R SS, OF 2025
#52 Alexis Contreas Shiloh R R 1B, C 2025
#70 Artorious Blake Stockbridge R R OF 2026


Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team?  Whatever level you play at, baseball can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength and coordination.

Whether you are looking to play casually in our recreational league or competitively with one of our traveling teams, you’ll find our organization to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.

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